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Where Do You Want To Be? Air Charter Can Get You There.

If you are growing a business, you don’t have time to waste. Airline and travel hassles cost you time, and you cannot always depend on the airlines for on-time performance. When the hidden costs of slow travel are keeping you from meeting your business goals, SkySouth air charter may be a good fit for you.

Where do you need to be?

SkySouth’s customers recognize the advantage of being on-site when the need arises. They might be inspecting a plant, scouting a location, or managing client relationships.  They represent growing small and mid-size companies across the Triad as well as larger firms.  They recognize that in order to achieve their growth targets, they need to maximize their productivity. A four hour drive is half a work day lost behind the wheel of a car, and they can’t afford to lose that time on a regular basis.

We fly the East Coast, and our customers are typically visiting locations across the Southeast, often hitting multiple spots in one day. When you book our aircraft, we fly on your schedule. Don’t worry about missing your flight if your meeting runs long – we’ll wait for you.

SkySouth aircraft charter can get you there.

Our fleet of Beechcraft Barons are cost and time efficient. They are faster than several larger piston aircraft, can carry more weight and passengers than many other small aircraft taxi operators, and fly at a fraction of the cost of private jets.

When our customers have travel needs beyond our capabilities, we will shop for the best aircraft for their needs so they can feel good about pricing and safety.

Our charter booking process is quick and personal. Our experienced captains and staff get to know you and your travel preferences, making it easy on you.

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